How Subliminal Hypnosis Works

There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding subliminal downloads, so sometimes it helps to compare it to its close relative – the much more understood form of personal development; hypnosis.

Subliminal audio can be said to be a mild form of hypnosis. In fact they are both created around the same principles – they both send positive information into the subconscious mind, and both actually create a similar result. However, it is probably best to show how they are different first:

How They Are Different:

The ONLY difference is that with hypnosis you will enter a trance like state, with subliminal audio you don’t. You can use it and listen while you actively concentrate on other tasks.

I was extremely skeptical at initial and just enjoyed the sounds of ocean waves. I have really noticed a subtle but perceptible distinction in myself – a bit like the impact of every day meditation. Dennison Berwick, Bangkok, Thailand


Just like hypnosis, subliminal messages gain unrestricted access directly into your subconscious mind. Because of this the messages bypass all of your logical thinking and conscious thought process (which may block the messages from going in if it is a very big change you are trying to make).

Once in your subconscious mind they build up and then start to spill over into your conscious mind.

I’ve downloaded a number of your subliminal audio mp3s over the last few weeks and months and they’re the very best I’ve tried! I really feel energized and focused and currently I can see a real change in clarity of my thoughts. Thanks for a product like nothing else!! Paula Robinson, Boston, USA

This way the changes are made from the “inside-out”, and in this way it is possible to generate real, lasting change from within.

To learn more about subliminal downloads check out my master posts – how do subliminal messages work and how does subliminal audio work, or if you want to read about other peoples experiences then check out these subliminal mp3 reviews.

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Subliminal Downloads – Subliminal MP3s

How Subliminal Downloads Work

Subliminal downloads work by gradually entering your mind to change your beliefs, habits, and eventually the ultimate aim is to make lasting changes to your external behavior, and of course, real positive, lasting change in your life!

If for example you start targeting your subconscious mind, with positive messages – messages that you are confident, and socially outgoing and that you enjoy socializing and meeting new groups of people, then gradually these messages will build within your mind and start to spill over into your every day life.

You will start to believe them and start to become more confident.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg – subliminal audio can be used to help you in almost any area imaginable – from weight loss, to memory, from motivation, to helping you with specific areas of the law of attraction. Check out this massive collection of subliminal downloads, find the right album for your current personal goals, and make yourself much more likely to reach success.

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